When You Are Out Of Christmas Gift Ideas

When the festive season approaches we often find ourselves in a gift buying predicament, especially for those people that have very large families! There is surely not enough time to go out and buy each person a gift that they will love. Christmas gift baskets are your answer and it does not have to be super expensive. Simply go to your nearest shopping mall and start looking for all the delicacies and treats to put into the hamper. What? You don’t know how to make a fabulous Xmas hamper? No problem! On this site we will be posting all the ins and outs, tip and tricks and “how to” videos on creating the best Christmas hampers online!

giftCreating Your First Christmas Hamper

When you want to make your first hamper you need to decide the following:

  1. How big of a hamper do you want to create
    1. Is it just for one person, or for an entire family
  2. Is there a certain theme for the hamper e.g colour coding or perhaps food from a certain country
    1. E.g. Italian Hamper, British Hamper, etc.
  3. Will you be using any wines or champagne
  4. Will you be using any cellophane or ribbons
  5. Will the gift basket need to be boxed and shipped with a courier company.
    1. Ensure that you dont make the hamper too big as you will be charged a hefty fee when you want to ship it and there is a lot of wasted space!

Buying The Food From Shops – DIY Christmas Hamper

Shopping for your food does not have to be costly. You should look out for food that is bottled and tinned that wont spoil when in transit. Another highly important factor to note is the expiry dates of the food! You definitely don’t want to send them a hamper with food that is just about to spoil, think of how embarrassing that would be! Make sure you dont buy too much food as you could end up wasting it. Also when you create the hamper make sure you face all the labels upwards, it looks a loot more appealing when this is done and does not look messy.

The Easy Fast (but expensive) Method

So if you dont have the time for making your own gift hamper, you can simply choose an online gift store that will do all the hard work for you. They will source the produce, package it nicely and attach your personalized special message card. Purchasing Christmas gift baskets online is so, so easy! Just click on the gift basket you like, add to cart and away you go! You should recieve a delivery confirmation, which is really handy as you can phone the recipient right after they have just opened it! They will thank you your effort and wish you a Merry Xmas! There is nothing better than sending that Christmas cheer with a delicious gourmet gift hamper. See: http://www.hamperlicious.co.za/christmas-hampers/